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Fly High Travel Services Limited Company is a responsible tour operator holding Business License No. III/52/TOP, issued by Jammu & Kashmir Administration of Tourism. With the sole purpose of arranging Islamic pilgrimages, Fly High Tours & Travels has established itself as one of the foremost Hajj and Umrah tour operators in the world.

  • Various types of Kashmir tours (Holiday, Honeymoon, Private, Meeting, Incentive, Home stay Tours)

  • Tailor-made/Customized Hajj and Umrah Package Tours

  • Tour Guide service

  • Hotel & Houseboat and Air-tickets Booking

  • Visa application & Passport services

Hajj & Umrah Packages 2022

Fly High Tours & Travels is committed to providing affordable Hajj and Umrah packages from India, so Muslim pilgrims can experience the revered holy places of Makkah & Madina in a divine way. If you are searching for the best Umrah & Hajj travel packages then at Fly High Tours & Travels, we are ready to help you out. The standout feature of our Umrah tour packages is the kind of personal guidance and attention which we provide to all our pilgrims. Be it at the departure time at the airport, to ensuring a safe return and along with Ziyarat services in the package, our exceptionally trained and competent staff is accustomed to deliver all these services within our high and low price Umrah & Hajj packages.

Short Hajj 2023 - 14 Days 13N / 14D
Short Hajj 2023 - 14 Days

6,50,000Per Person

Hajj 2023 Non Shifting Class 34N / 35D
Umrah Ramzan Last 20 Days 19N / 20D
Umrah Ramzan Last 20 Days

1,20,000Per Person

Umrah In Ramzan 27N / 28D
Umrah In Ramzan

1,40,000Per Person

Umrah 5 Star 17 Days 16N / 17D
Umrah 5 Star 17 Days

1,35,000Per Person

Short Hajj 2023 21N / 22D
Short Hajj 2023

6,50,000Per Person


Latest Hajj 2022 Offer

Every Muslim on this earth wants to have that exclusive privilege of being the guest of the Almighty Allah. Hajj is the only way that a Muslim can find such an elusive opportunity. Moreover, Hajj is a holy journey which ensures that the person finds peace and prosperity in his life.

However, going on the Hajj journey is very challenging. Allah puts you under multiple tests to judge your will power and when you succeed, the Almighty welcomes you with open arms in His Home. So, performing Hajj is important and challenging.

But, to overcome that challenge, you can come to us at Fly High Tours and Travels. We can provide you with the best Hajj tour packages which will ensure that you perform your pilgrimage in the best possible way. Our comprehensive Hajj 2022 Packages are exactly what you require to make your Hajj journey unforgettable.

When you are going on a journey like the Hajj, the role of the travel agents becomes very important. You would want to be with reliable and trustworthy travel agents who can help you in the best way to complete your pilgrimage. You can avoid the difficulties of the journey to the Hajj with the help of reliable travel agents. At Fly High Tours and Travels, we provide you with the best travel agents who have multiple years of experience in working in the tours and travels industry. They also have the experience of taking pilgrims to the Hajj journey. When you avail our Hajj packages from Mumbai, you will get the assistance from such reliable travel agents.

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